“Our family was concerned that my great-Aunt was being taken advantage of financially by a relative who was paying her bills and had access to her checking account. Corrine offered a plan of action which involved changing banks, closing credit accounts, contacting Social Security, getting a credit report and more. She was instrumental in getting things straightened out, giving my great-Aunt and my parents peace of mind. We are very grateful to Corrine for her help.”
Ellie M. – Coral Gables

“Corrine has been working for my family for the past year and to say she was a godsend is an understatement! Corrine came in to help us at the time that our 94 year old father was hospitalized with a broken hip.

Corrine came in, organized all of our Dad’s finances including checking accounts, insurance policies, bills and estate documents. She pays all bills and reconciles bank statements.  She managed to clear up any issues regarding his finances as well as accompanying him to any meetings he required with his accountant.

For our family Corrine has been a financial and personal savior.  After our father was hospitalized we found that his identity had been stolen and a false tax return was filed in his name.  Corrine met with our accountants, our banks, contacted all the credit card companies and vendors in addition to reassuring our frantic father and family that she would take care of everything and we were not alone.  Not only did she straighten out his finances but she gave him a sense of calm and control in a very difficult time of physical and psychological transition for him and for us.

Corrine has earned not only our trust, but the trust of our Dad. He looks forward to her weekly visits and feels he is now safe financially and no longer at the mercy of people trying to take advantage of him.

Corrine has been an important part of our team to take care of our Dad at this time of his life.  Corrine allows him the freedom to enjoy his life and not worry about his finances.

I recommend Corrine 100% as a gifted Business and Personal Affairs Manager.  Anyone who is lucky enough to work with her will be blessed and safe in her hands.  I only wish we could clone her and bring her home with us!!”
Joan S., M.D. – Los Angeles

“My mother lives in Miami.  Her neighbor contacted me to say she was not well and I needed to come to Miami and help her.  I arrived to find my mother was in early stage dementia.  What I found overwhelmed me but in 10 days was able to move her into an assisted living facility that specialized in dementia, get her home clean, sold her car and identified what I thought were all of the outstanding bills.  I was appointed her guardian by the Court.  I knew I needed help as I work in Boston at an inflexible job and often have 60+ hour weeks.  But I wasn’t sure how to find it.

Fortunately, during my trip, Corrine was referred to me as someone who could handle pretty much all the tasks I needed done.  Corrine took over everything that involved my mother and her affairs.  But not only did she manage all of the affairs, she has kept me calm and hopeful during this very difficult time.  Among other things, she worked out a tenant situation for my mother’s home and collects the rent; she works with the attorney, court and bank and manages the accounts of those who need to be paid, checks taxes, insurance, utilities, interfaces with the condo association, and much more.  She even found a life insurance policy of which I’m the beneficiary that no one knew about that was past due and nearly lapsed.  Without Corrine I couldn’t work and manage my mother’s affairs too.  I would have had no choice but to turn my mother over to be a ward of the state. She is amazing.”
James O. – Boston

Whatever the challenge Corrine, and her team, will rise to the occasion. I should know, because I have thrown a number of off-beat puzzles her way and she has dealt calmly and efficiently with them all.

When I first contacted Corrine, I was looking for someone who could help me manage my mother’s financial and medical affairs in Miami (I live in Chicago). Corrine, as I have learned, is very good at that. She intervenes quickly, sizes up problems well, keeps you informed of what she is doing at every step and doesn’t let go until the problem is solved. One day, for example, she had lunch with my mother and learned she was completely frustrated with her internet service. Corrine spent the rest of the afternoon on the telephone and by the time she went home, the problems were resolved.

As it dawned on me just how versatile Corrine really is, I began to call on her to help me with more exotic situations. Two brief examples. An inspection of my mother’s old house, which we had put up for sale, revealed subterranean termites in the basement. The termite company was willing to spray, but insisted that we first remove an extensive amount of plywood clinging to the concrete foundation. Enter Corrine, and her team, who found a handyman and supervised the work, at one point crawling under the house herself to verify that the work had been finished properly.

The second challenge required a completely different skill set. The daughter of one of my mother’s nurses was ill, but her family did not speak English well and was not adept at managing the U.S. healthcare system. At my mother’s suggestion, Corrine offered her services to the family. With great patience, she guided the young girl (and her mother) through numerous doctor visits that finally led to a clear diagnosis and surgery. It is safe to say that, without Corrine’s help, the problem would have gone undiagnosed and the girl would have ended up in critical condition in an emergency room.

It is rare in my experience to find people who are both good at taking action and who have the sensitivity and compassion to work with fragile clients. Corrine brings both dimensions to the table. She has certainly been a blessing to my family. Today when I grumble to my wife about some unexpected problem that has arisen in Miami, she just smiles at me and says, “Call Corrine.”

Al S. – Chicago

Stella G.

James O.