The Elite Answer

If you want more quality time with family and friends – or just want some time for yourself, The Elite Answer is your answer to ‘off-loading’ routine tasks, paperwork, personal and financial tasks and more.

Some of the most common tasks we provide people like you are:

Financial Affairs Management:

  • Budgeting:  Creation of an on-going budget.  Preparation of monthly reports.
  • Account Management:  Bank account management, bill paying
  • Reminders for Critical Bill and IRAs:  Reminders for one time or quarterly critical bills such as insurance, real estate taxes, estimated income taxes and annual funding of IRAs
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Financial, tax and legal records and documents organized for advisors
  • Insurance Policies Review and Management

Personal Affairs Management:

  • Identity Theft and Fraud Protection and Victim Measures
  • Digital storage of all files
  • Assets and personal effects catalogued:  For possible insurance claims, all assets and personal affects will be catalogued with digital documentation of items.
  • Notary Services:
  • Pet Services:  Dog  walking, Sitters, transportation, pet day care, vet appointments, grooming appointments
  • Auto Services:  pickup and delivery for car wash, detailing, new tires, battery, etc., service appointments, emergency appointments/repairs; DMV registrations (car, driver’s license)
  • Appointment Scheduling and Tracking:  Doctors, dentists, attorneys, accountants, etc.
  • Management and monitoring of home on-going services: cleaning, lawn and pool maintenance.
  • Home Services:  Gather and present estimates, liaison for repair and home deliveries
  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry Arranging for Pickup and Delivery
  • Service Referral:  Referral to specialists for personal and household needs such as fitness trainers, massage therapists, catering, photographers, interior designers, repairs
  • Personal needs:  prescriptions, groceries, shoe repair, watch repair, batteries
  • Letter and Package mailing, delivery and receiving
  • Management of Family Meetings/Events:  Children’s on-going events such as sports practices, evening events
  • Events and Reservations:  Reservations for restaurants, golf tee time, tennis court times, etc. and tickets to events: sports, movies, theater, music, tours, museums
  • Personal Shopping, Gift buying, wrapping, sending, returns and exchanges
  • Card and note buying, sending – ready by month or event

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