Seniors and Technology: Smart Phones and Tablets

Seniors and Technology: Smart Phones and Tablets

Florida is the seniors’ capital of county, offering wonderful weather and lots to do.  But living here is often at the expense of having their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren often nearby.


They want to stay connected with their families lives:  to see what everyone is doing, how the young members are growing and changing, what they’re learning and more.  Telephone chats are good but seeing their family live while talking to them is priceless.  And now technology is easy to get and, once set up, easy to use.  Smart phones and tablets are not just for the young anymore.


Skype and Facetime are turning long distance conversation into family memories.  Seniors can see babies right after they’re born and see them grow.  They can bond by asking their young grandchildren to make silly faces to which they can respond with faces of their own – to the joy of all.  They can have their own story time reading picture books and showing the pictures.  Older children can be engaged by the children showing their grandparents videos of them playing sports, what they saw and liked best on field trips, at friend’s parties and more.   There may be gamers among the children who would like to play with their grandparents, card games are a good place to start.


There are more and more applications and options for seniors every day.  Be creative with the seniors in your life.  Technology doesn’t have to increase their anxiety. Easy to use methods can be placed on the open page of the smart phone or tablet.   If children are not nearby to help set it up friends may be able to help.  We can also help seniors with technology.


Research has shown that video calls make seniors happier and increases their well-being.  So help the seniors in your life get connected.


If you have questions or need information about senior’s life issues don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We love helping our clients get the information they need from personal issues to daily money management, home management and more.