Personal Affairs Management

Seemingly simple daily household activities and chores become significantly more difficult for seniors.

Help often just means a second hand helping with the daily tasks. Help with personal affairs for seniors can also be a great relief to family members who find themselves balancing time with their own household duties.

We help Maintain Independence for Seniors with many services that include:

Daily Living Help

  • Schedule and record appointments
  • Prepare correspondence
  • Initiate and process all personal insurance bills and claims
  • Offer personal visits
  • Arrange delivery of meals, prescriptions, medical equipment and other necessities
  • Pet Care management and coordination

Personal Affairs Help

  • Identity theft prevention measures and steps for victims to take
  • Help adult children have difficult discussions with parents such as last wishes, when to stop driving, if and when to change parent’s residence
  • Educate families about functional declines of seniors
  • Digitize documents
  • Notarize documents

Project Management

Help with Travel Arrangements

  • Assist with and coordinate travel, including airport check-in and pick-up
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments
  • Assist with identification, evaluation and coordination of medical and/or housing alternatives

Help with Relocation

  • Assist with phases of relocation including inventory and checklist for new residence
  • Advocate for client in assisted living, nursing home or other alternative living site