If you’re researching a story on seniors, you’ll want to speak to Corrine Markey of The Seniors’ Answer. She can tell you how seniors get conned, on the rampant identity theft involving the elderly, health crises, and how to handle such financial or home problems as surprise tax or water liens. And Corrine Markey can outline what’s available in geriatric case management in general. This experienced businesswoman made a dramatic career and lifestyle change when her elderly aunt needed daily care, and since 2011, she’s worked with south Florida families on issues as simple as arranging grocery delivery and doctors’ appointments to implementing identity theft prevention measures, rectifying liens against residences, researching assisted living facilities and hospice options. For more information about Corrine Markey, Contact her at 305-646-1833 and

Valerie Mayor on Alzheimer’s panel an Arrebatados program on AméricaTeVé.