How Seniors Can Eat Well and Healthy with Little Work

How Seniors Can Eat Well and Healthy with Little Work

A healthy diet provides a higher quality of life. It increases mental sharpness, resistance to illness and disease, faster recuperation times, higher energy levels, and better manages chronic health problems.


Today’s seniors were raised on fresh, tasty, well-balanced, home-cooked meals.  They want to continue to eat like they always did but often find they don’t have the energy to shop for groceries and cook every meal.  Some seniors need help with meals on a short term basis, due to a specific health situation, such as a hip or knee replacement; others want or need help on-going.  Fortunately with the senior population swelling, there are more and more services available to meet their new and growing needs.  Now a senior who wants to cook their own meal, use their local grocery store, have fully cooked meals or restaurant meals delivered has options.


Traditional Meal Preparation with a Twist

There are many avenues for “quick, easy to make” recipes for seniors.  The internet is full of these recipes that make it easier for seniors to make their own meals.  Many grocery stores now offer home delivery – two in southeast Florida are Publix and Milams.  All the senior has to do is unpack the groceries and prepare a meal.  Of course, grocery stores will deliver frozen meals as well.  Frozen meals may not be as interesting as home cooked, but they require less time and energy to prepare.


Restaurant Food Delivery

There are now a variety of delivery services for restaurant food.  Recently both Amazon and Uber have branched into this area.


Meal Kit Delivery Service

The service that started to fill a need for busy professionals is now a service that some seniors use.  These services (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated) send a box of fresh ingredients and directions for a certain number of meals.  All ingredients for each meal and directions are in the box.  The meal has to be assembled and cooked.  This service requires the same energy as cooking ‘from scratch’, but does not require meal planning and going to the store.


Meals Delivered to the Home

This group also serves the busy professional as well as the senior market.  They offer a choice of types of meals such as high protein, paleo, vegetarian.  They have weekly or monthly meal plans that provide fully cooked, nutritious meals delivered directly to the customer.  There are national companies as well as local companies in this category.  Seniors or their children can find local options through an internet search.


We live in a new world where seniors no longer have to shop and cook in order to enjoy an appetizing, healthy meal. They now have a wide range of options – and whether they are using an ‘easy recipe’ or ordering a complete meal, they should check the nutritional content before they buy to make sure the meal is best suited to their needs.