Financial Affairs Management

Many older people struggle with daily money management. It becomes overwhelming when junk mail, doctor bills, and Medicare statements start to pile up.

Daily Money Management

We assist with the day-to-day tasks that involve money; from paying the bills, balancing the checkbook to assisting with filing insurance claims. We can also organize financial records and documents for accountant, attorneys, stockbrokers and financial advisors.

Our Daily Money Management and Financial Affairs Services include:

  • Verify bills and prepare checks
  • Prepare, arrange and/or deliver bank deposits
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Manage documents and paperwork: what to keep, purge when no longer required, digitize
  • Review, process and file mail
  • Organize documents and record keeping
  • Create and/or maintain process for files and file backup of important documents, secure files
  • Help establish budgets
  • Establish and monitor positive cash flow
  • Compile tax records
  • Initiate and process all insurance bills and claims
  • Conduct an annual review of policies requiring payments and ensuring they are current to avoid policy lapse
  • Arrange and/or act as second or third notification for bill notices
  • Assist with, monitor and/or pay client services (attorney, estate planner)
  • Notarize documents